What is Ratiocracy?

Ratiocracy in a nutshell

language == 'en') { print "Ratiocracy is a crowd-sourced and constantly evolving platform for problem solving. It's goal is to use the scientific method to promote good ideas and the better realization of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. According to principles of openness, anyone can participate. You can send e.g. problems, suggestions or arguments for or against anything. We hope to to bring rationality, objectivity and compromises to the center of peoples' and decision-makers' attention, leading to global growth of well-being."; } else if ($language->language == 'fi') { print "Ratiokratia on joukkoistettu ja jatkuvasti kehittyvä ongelmanratkaisualusta, jonka tavoitteena on edesauttaa tieteellisen menetelmän keinoilla hyvien ideoiden leviämistä ja YK:n ihmisoikeusjulistuksen toteutumista. Avoimuuden periaatetta noudattaen, kuka tahansa saa osallistua. Sivustolle voi lähettää muun muassa ongelmia, ratkaisuehdotuksia ja väitteitä niiden puolesta tai niitä vastaan. Tavoitteena on tuoda ihmisten huomion ja päätöksenteon keskiöön kokonaisuuksien hahmottamista, objektiivisuutta ja kompromisseja ja niiden kautta globaalin hyvinvoinnin kasvua."; } /*t("Ratiocracy is an evolving idea, which gets constantly improved based on the best reasoning and evidence. It's core is Ratiowiki, which is a novel way to understand opinions structurally. Like in Wikipedia, anyone can participate without registration. You can send e.g. problems, suggestions or opinions for or against anything, all possibly backed up with sources. The goal is to bring rationality, objectivity and compromises to the center of peoples' attention, while striving for global growth of well-being. All of these are secondary objectives in our current society, and that's the main reason for most of the problems we now face.")*/?>

Ratiocracy news

Welcome to examine the development version of Ratiocracy. A good way to start is to read the about page. Please note that all actual content you see here is in a very preliminary stage - meant just for getting basic examples of what this is all about.

At this point we need primarily cooperating people, funding, feedback and more content.

Featured problems

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